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KSTP/SurveyUSA poll: Vaccine, testing mandates unpopular among Minnesotans

POLL: Voters share overall approval on Gov. Walz, Biden

POLL: 52% of voters statewide approve of Biden's virus handling

KSTP/SURVEYUSA: Walz, Biden at 54% approval on handling coronavirus pandemic

POLL: Trump closes in, now within 6 points of Biden in Minnesota

POLL: Smith, Lewis Senate race now a dead heat

POLL: Republican Lewis closes on DFL candidate Smith for US Senate seat in Minnesota

POLL: Biden up by 7 points in MN with early voting underway

ABC 6 / SurveyUSA Race Relations Poll: By nearly 5:1, Minnesotans say race relations are worse than they were 4 years ago

ABC 6 / SurveyUSA Coronavius Poll: 70% of Minnesota parents approve of how schools handled reopening

MN voters lean toward Biden in exclusive ABC 6 News / SurveyUSA Poll

ABC 6 News / SurveyUSA Poll: Biden 9 points over Trump, Smith over Lewis

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