Prep of the Week: John Lutzi

(ABC 6 News) — Byron baseball has proved to be one of the premier teams in Southeast Minnesota thanks to one of their star seniors.

Senior pitcher John Lutzi delivered a signature performance as he struck out nine in a victory over Lourdes on April 29th.

“That game was really nice just to get down, it’s always great energy facing against Lourdes,” Lutzi told ABC 6 Sports Reporter Richard Denson. “It’s always great energy, great focus, always staying intent, everyone on the team, everyone just focused on the game, trying to get that win.”

Lutzi also only gave up two hits in those five soggy innings on the mound, his performance earning him the belt. Something that has become for Byron every time the Bears get a victory.

“I don’t know where we started this we just got an idea from someone and then we told our coach and he said that he’d get it for us,” Lutzi pondered. “Everyone is hyped to get it and everyone is trying to strive for being the great player on and off the field and just trying to be the MVP.”

A team captain for two seasons, John approaches the game on both sides of the plate as calm as a toad in the sun. He doesn’t want the team’s hot play this season to go in vain after the Bears came up short of their section championship dreams last season. His desire to win the gold is something head coach Ryan Hanson recognizes and respects.

“He grew up in a home where his parents raised him to work hard so when he goes out onto that mound, you just know you’re going to get everything he’s got,” ” Coach Hanson said. “It might not be the best everyday but he’s going to give you everything he’s got.”

As the baseball season winds down, Lutzi continues to dazzle on the field as he soaks in one final run as a Byron Bear. Afterward, he’ll set off to continue his playing career at Bethany Lutheran in Mankato. He has aspirations of making it to the majors, but he could easily find himself doing something else more impactful.

“I see myself going just for the nursing degree, I’d like to be a nurse practitioner or a nurse ethicist,” Lutzi discussed. “That’d be my great strive and always a great accomplishment for me if I could do that just so I can help every person that I face every single day and try to better their life.”