Central Springs hosts rugby clinic in preparation for inaugural girls’ season

(ABC 6 Sports) — This year will mark the first year Central Springs high school will have a girls’ rugby team.

In preparation for their first season – the program held a clinic at the middle school football field. Some of the clinic coaches included Meghan Flanigan – head coach of the University of North Iowa’s women’s rugby team, and Sheree Haslemore – who played for New Zealand All-Blacks, an internationally renowned team.

Haslemore says some may associate rugby with football with fewer pads and more physicality but there’s more to the sport.

“There’s a lot of contact but the culture is what I think keeps people in it. There’s a place for everybody, no matter how athletic.. rugby will take you in with open arms and it’s just a great, great sport “

Coach Flanigan says normally those who start with rugby struggle, but she was impressed with Sunday’s participants.

“Amazing. The potential here that I see… they’ve gotten every drill so far like right away and they are athletic, they go hard, they are already physical already so I’m excited to watch this team. I think they’ll be a dark horse this year”

Scheduled games have not been released just yet, but officials say they will take place mainly on Monday nights.