2023 Pigskin Preview: With a new man in charge, Mason City looks to end “4-5” streak

(ABC 6 News) — For the past three seasons, the Mason City football team has gone 4-5. For a school that’s experienced quite a bit of change in the past few years, the football team will have a new man in charge – Josh Reuter.

Reuter has been around the community and program for nine years. He says he relishes the opportunity as a first-time HS football head coach. The Riverhawks plan to run a multiple-spread offense. The starting quarterback will be senior Brayden Miller, replacing the departing Kale Hobart, who passed for nearly 1,600 yards last season.

Defensively, Coach Reuter’s philosophy is to run fast and hit hard. Assistant coaches emphasize “speed and violence.” But despite that motto, Reuter is more even-keeled than his peers. He does not yell, instead taking a more cerebral approach. He has standards he wants to cement as change begins to set in around the school.

The Riverhawks open the season at home against Marshalltown on Friday, August 25 at 7:30 pm.