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Jordyn Reed
Updated: March 18, 2020 10:54 PM
Created: March 18, 2020 09:32 PM

(ABC 6 News) - A Minnesota based dance company has come up with an alternative to keep dancers active, while also fighting to stay in business, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just For Kix has launched their online dance classes, Digital Dance, to help maintain normalcy for kids during this tough time. 


"I feel like with kids at home, not being able to be at school, dance is their release for them," Founder and executive director Cindy Clough said. "So, we felt the connection with them might give them some normalcy and some physical activity to help with all the things they are dealing with right now."

Digital Dance was developed a few years ago but it never went live.

"It was a huge investment that never paid off at the time," Clough said. "Years of hard work that was on the back burner for a lot of our employees, but developing it nonetheless. Now, that content has been sitting, not used and now that this crisis has happened we are bringing it to the forefront."

Just For Kix is trying to stay afloat during this pandemic and according to Clough, the company has about 25,000 kids who dance with them.

"We've already had to lay off all of our home office, our support staff that go out and do events. So, we're trying to keep kids dancing."

The classes are free and taught by instructors and experts from all over the country. Clough expressed the feedback has been wonderful and she is thankful for the impact Digital Dance has had. However, there is still that uncertainty of what's next.

"We were forced to shut down so we just have to try anything we can do to keep it going and try to make it up afterward. In terms of making them have something to come back to is what our hope is."

A link to Digital Dance can be found here.

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