Confidence is key for Dravis

Jordyn Reed
Created: November 20, 2019 11:25 PM

(ABC 6 News) - The Rochester Lourdes Eagles girls hockey team is off to a stellar start this year in big part to one of their seniors.

"We have a lofty goal of going back to the state tournament and if we are going to go back to the state tournament, Sarah is going to be a big piece of that," Eagles Head Coach Jeff True said.


The season is still young, less than two weeks young, and senior center Sarah Dravis is already having quite the year.

"She's been a huge contributor for us, especially in the statistical category," True added.

Currently, Sarah has recorded two hat tricks and is tied for second in the state with 10 goals. However, her impressive stats don't stop there.

"She also has four shorthanded goals," True explained. "Girls can go their entire high school season, high school career without having a shorthanded goal. She's had four shorthanded goals in our first four games of the season which is something pretty special."

Her quick and firey start on offense is a noticeable jump from years past. 

"My sophomore and junior years weren't the best when it came to goals," Sarah said. "I scored about seven in those two years. Now, my senior year came and I have scored 10 in the first four games."

Sarah is also tied fourth in the state in points with 14 and has four assists on the year. All of her hardwork during the preseason is paying off and definitely not going unnoticed by teammates.

"She's literally blowing me away," Allison Smith, Sarah's teammate, said. "I'm honestly so proud of her this year. It's almost like she burst out of her bubble. I knew she had it in her this whole time."

When Dravis reflected on her statisical accomplishments she knew she could do it this year, but before that, it all started with telling herself she needed to have confidence.

"I need to have the best year I can because it's going to be my last year of hockey, maybe ever or maybe just with my girls," Sarah expressed.

Her talents go beyond on the ice though. She also plays a big part in the team's morale.

"She's a constant joker and a constant prankster," True said. "When the team might be a little down or not feeling the best regarding the way that they are playing she's the one that makes a joke."

With a smile on her face, Sarah said that's just who she is.

"I'm not this serious person at all. So, I just always have to lift up the mood. I just feel obligated to lift up the mood."

All jokes aside, Smith added that Sarah is a leader for the whole team.

"She kind of leads by example," Smith continued. "So, I think everyone looks up to her for her hard work and everything. I think just her being at practice she brings that energy and it just pushes each of us to work even harder."

Even with this successful start, there is still room for improvement.

"She knows what her flaws are, she knows what she needs to do in all aspects of her life including hockey and that's what making her become such a great athlete," True said. "She wants to know what she needs to work on and you don't get that in a lot of athletes."

Sarah is impacting both the game and her team in more ways than one.

"I just think without her, we wouldn't have a team," Smith gushed.

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