Caden Reichl

May 16, 2018 10:43 PM

(ABC 6 News)- Albert Lea Tigers sophomore, Caden Reichl is a one of a kind bowler; averaging a 200 where most bowlers average around 160-170.

 "I just don't pay attention to anything except bowling,” Caden Reichl said.


“The average adult bowler male bowler averages about 158, so he's heads and tails above that and he's only 16,” Caden’s High School Bowling Coach Loren Kaisar said.

Bowling comes naturally for Caden. He placed second out of almost 200 bowlers in the 2018 Minnesota Pepsi Youth Championship.

“I just tried to stay relaxed because that’s what I was always taught,” Reichl said.

However, there is a twist behind Caden’s ability; 95 percent of bowlers use one hand, but not Caden.

“We were at a state tournament (and) I had a blister on my thumb so I couldn't' throw anymore with my thumb, so I just threw two-handed and it worked,” Reichl said.

“(He) started throwing without the thumb in the ball (two years ago) and it just clicked for him almost immediately,” Kaisar said.

Since then Caden excelled in bowling.  He bowled a 300 game and an 800 series at the 2018 State Youth Storm Tournament, which means he bowled 12 strikes in a row (to get a 300).

“In an 800 series you have to average 267 for three games that comes up to 801, you throw 36 frames in three games,” Kaisar said.  “You have to throw about 30 strikes in there with no blows just to get about 800 series, extremely hard to do it compared to a three hundred.”

Three years ago he competed in his first national tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana and last year in Cleveland, Ohio.  This July Caden will travel to Dallas for his third Junior Gold National Tournament.

“It’s really the attitude that he has (towards the game that makes him successful), he’s quiet, he’s shy, (and) that applies well to the sport of bowling,” Kaisar said.  “He’s got good form, he’s got a good style, a good approach to the foul.  His mental ability is probably one of his best assets.”


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