Working out during the COVID-19 pandemic |

Working out during the COVID-19 pandemic

Jordyn Reed
Updated: March 23, 2020 04:20 AM
Created: March 22, 2020 09:32 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Do you feel yourself going stir crazy? One way to burn off that energy is to workout.

Mayo Clinic experts said maintaining healthy habits, and continuing to work out, during this crisis are extremely important. However, with closed gyms and fitness centers, it's time to be resourceful and look at what's in the house.

"You don't have to buy a lot of equipment to do fitness in your home," Mayo Clinic physical therapist, Irvin Haak, said. Some of the items he listed that can be used in workouts are chairs, a step, bands, or an exercise ball. 

Dr. Sunni Alessandria, a physical therapist at Mayo Clinic also said, "you can use a wall to do a wall sit, you can use your body weight to do a plank, or a push-up.You can also use a simple little step or a curb."

As for weights, Alessandria said you can grab something from the pantry. In addition to getting creative with household items, there are virtual workouts online or on apps to help people stay active.

"Exercise is medicine and it's a wonderful way to de-stress and maintain our sanity in these difficult times," Dr. Daniel Montero, a sports medicine specialist at Mayo Clinic, said. 

The bases are covered on what can be done at home, but what about going outside? If the weather permits, heading out for a walk or run, while maintaining social distance guidelines, is another option. Right now, many runners and athletes are trying to find those escapes or releases to help cope with what is going on in the world.

"This is such a trying time," Jennifer Meyer, a board member for the Rochester Track Club said. "It is so unprecedented and so challenging for so many people that just being able to maintain your sanity throughout this and for a lot of people that's running."

For local runner Mary Wirtz, that is her escape. A month ago, Mary competed in the Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta, GA, and has not stopped running since. Although lacing up and jumping right into a workout isn't for everyone, Mary had two important tips for beginners to help see the bigger picture.

"One, you have to start somewhere," Wirtz said. "If you have not exercised or have struggled with consistency, just start. After starting somewhere, carve out 5-10 minutes for an at home workout or for a brisk walk or even a one mile run outside. It's better than nothing."

And what better time to start than now?

Video courtesy: Mayo Clinic News Network 

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