Vaccine numbers drop in Minnesota |

Vaccine numbers drop in Minnesota

Samantha Boring
Created: June 23, 2020 08:11 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) - During the stay-at-home order, doctor visits that were not urgent were stopped to avoid the spread of COVID-19.  Vaccines that are typically done during well-child visits also stopped.

"We accumulated across the country and here locally in Minnesota, all these babies who were of age to get the vaccines due who aren't being seen for their well-child visits and getting the vaccine," said Mayo Clinic Dr. Robert M. Jacobson
This has become a concern for health officials and even state lawmakers are chiming in.

"I am so concerned about what is going on in Minnesota and nationally. And of course, we are all focused on the pandemic and we should be. But it was only 2 weeks ago that our state like so many others is 70 percent down on the number of kids that have gotten measles vaccinations." Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., said. 
That decrease was reported by the Minnesota Department of Health in April.

"We saw a gradual drop off, we have started to see that pickup, but it is still below the 2019 levels," Director of Infectious Diseases at the Minnesota Department of Health, Kris Ehresmann said. 
Now families are being urged to see their doctors to catch up.

"Clinics and health care systems are working really hard to ensure a safe environment for their patients," Ehresmann said.

These vaccines can help to stop other outbreaks. 
"The disease that I would say I am most concerned about that we are paying the most attention to that is measles. There is a couple of reasons for that. One is that it is the most contagious viral illness that we have it is way more contagious that COVID," Senior Director of Infection Control at Children's Minnesota, Patsy Stinchfield said. 

"We don't have to deal with any other vaccine-preventable diseases, We have the vaccine as a tool and we want to make sure we are taking advantage of it," Ehresmann said. 

The CDC has an immunization schedule to help you catch up on missed vaccines. 

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