Five young farmers leave a thoughtful tip to local restaurant |

Five young farmers leave a thoughtful tip to local restaurant

Jaclyn Harold
Updated: January 04, 2021 08:00 PM
Created: January 04, 2021 07:57 PM

(ABC 6 News) - After two women were caught on camera stealing tips and then leaving a local restaurant, some of the businesses' biggest customers repaid them in kindness.

Victoria's Ristorante and Wine bar co-owner Natalie Victoria said she was hopeful the new year would be better than 2020. After all the damage the pandemic has had on small businesses the last thing she expected was for someone to take advantage of her staff.

"We had a couple of gals come in and place a kind of a complicated order, and proceed to kind of hang around and wait. We had a drawer that we had our tips in and when no one was around they kind of went back and grabbed the tips,'' said Victoria.

The business owner said she wasn't angry because she doesn't know exactly why the women would have done what they did, but she definitely felt disappointed watching the security footage.

"To do that to the restaurant staff that's already been hit so hard I think is kind of frustrating but, you know we're just going to move forward," she said.

However, over a hundred people felt otherwise on Facebook. After posting a picture of the woman who stole the envelope with nearly $300 worth of tips inside, along with the woman that accompanied her in the restaurant the community rallied around Victoria's.

The news even got the attention of the Shea family and their children. Which urged the boys to do something.

Bronson, Carter, Rowan, Ryan, and Bennett Shea are all fans of Victoria's. The boys said they felt bad when their, parents told them about what happened and they knew right away they wanted to do something to make up for the stolen cash.

"We wanted to donate, and we kind of felt bad. It's kind of hard watching people that do that," said Bronson.

The boys pulled together $200 they earned from working over the summer and delivered the money with a card to the staff.

Victoria said the gesture almost brought the waitstaff to tears. The Shea boys said it feels great to have been able to help out during a time this like.

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