Rochester man tests positive and negative for COVID-19 in one day

Jaclyn Harold
Updated: December 07, 2020 07:00 PM
Created: December 07, 2020 06:57 PM

(ABC 6 News)-- After testing positive and negative for COVID-19 in one day, a Rochester man is still left wondering if he truly has the virus.

Geoffrey Christensen said he went hunting alone for a week in Nebraska. According to him most of his time was spent isolated from others, so when he returned and his wife suggested he go get tested for COVID-19 to be safe, he had no idea the results from Mayo Clinic would actually be positive.

"Just kind of almost in denial that I had no idea how it could be everybody that I've been around for the last few weeks has also been tested, and everybody is negative," said Christensen.

He said he was so alarmed by his results he and his wife both decided to go get tested. This time Christensen got tested at Olmsted Medical Center and both he and his wife's results were negative.

"There is a chance that someone can have a positive result and not have the virus," said Dr. William Morice, the President of Mayo Clinic Laboratories.

He said it's what we know as a false positive result something that is not as common with COVID-19 tests but Morice said is still possible.

"It's not like a flu test where you go in and you're sick so you have a high index of suspicion clinically that the patient has something wrong with them. In this case, we're giving it to people that don't have anything wrong with them to look for the virus," he said. Which according to Morice does make the testing process for COVID-19 more difficult at times.

If you have a false-positive result Dr. Morice said to get another test, and if you can, use a different testing method than what you've previously used. He adds that we're all dealing with the pandemic and this virus for the first time together, but that health officials are doing everything they can to create a testing process that you can trust.

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