Rochester medical professional reacts to second Covid-19 vaccine |

Rochester medical professional reacts to second Covid-19 vaccine

Created: January 15, 2021 08:21 AM

(ABC 6 NEWS) - Mayo Clinic has been vaccinating its workers for almost a month now and some workers are already finished with their second dose. 

Andy Herber is a physician assistant at Mayo Clinic and works closely with COVID patients. He received his second dose Monday after waiting 21 days after his first Pfizer shot. Herber said the process took less than 10 minutes and he did experience more symptoms this time around.

"I've had body aches, sore arm, and headaches about 24 hours after this dose," said Herber. 

Herber also said some of his coworkers complained of swollen lymph nodes, fever, and chills. The CDC said side effects may feel like the flu, but should go away within a few days. Herber wanted to get this vaccine to keep himself and his family safe because his son, Nathan is currently going through chemotherapy. Andy said the vaccine is worth it. 

"Now I have the vaccine protection, I have the mask protection, the shield protection, the outstanding PPE that Mayo provides and so it is just a whole other layer of confidence to take care of these patients if they unfortunately end up getting COVID-19," said Herber. Even though more people are getting vaccinated, the CDC still recommends that everyone wear a mask, and keep their distance from others. 

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