Community frustrations over crow dropping

Devin Martin
Created: January 13, 2021 06:20 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Thousands of people flock to the Med City for work and medical treatment. 

But there's an issue that is glaring, and now gaining attention on social media. Crow droppings. 

For people living in Rochester, they say seeing all the crow droppings is disgusting.

"This is the center of the city, I really wish that they could clean it up a little more. Sweep it up, spray the streets,” Rochester resident Taylor Suchla said.

One Mayo Clinic visitor agrees.

"It's just plain gross. I'm walking around on tip toes and side stepping stuff just to avoid it, but there's too much of it,” Leanne Lokken said.

Even though you have to be careful where you step, the city says they’re working to fix this issue.

"In the morning time if the crows do roost, obviously they leave traces behind. We've been working hard on cleaning that up. It’s also labor intensive and it can be a struggle though to clean depending on the weather,” Holly Masek, executive director for the Rochester Downtown Alliance said. “Power washing is the most effective thing to do, however we cannot power wash below 32 degrees because it freezes and creates an ice slick."

The Rochester Downtown Alliance had their clean and safe ambassador team start to power wash the sidewalks Wednesday morning.

But how did it get to this point? City officials say the weather played a role.

 "When it snows regularly, that gets removed in the morning times; you may not even see the accumulation of crow droppings overnight. So because it hasn't been snowing, it's just been building up more,” Masek said.

Another issue could be how the parks and recreations budget was cut due to COVID-19, which affected their ability to tackle the crow population.

For one Mayo Clinic visitor, he likes seeing the city clean. But this was just something else.

"I came last February and I was surprised by how meticulous everything in the town was. I was surprised with all the bird droppings everywhere,” Shereef Hidayet said.

The city needs extra equipment to help and will be receiving gas-powered sidewalk brushes from Duluth's clean and safe ambassador program.

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