Rochester bakery expands, Pasquale's leaving 2nd St space

Mackenzie Davis
Created: January 21, 2021 06:52 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) - Pasquale's Express Pizza and Sweet House Bakery used to occupy the same building across from St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester.

While it was nice to split the cost, it was tough to share the time.

"We were very much rushed before to get in and get out. It was very limited time and we had a lot to produce...Four hours was very short for us," Sweet House Bakery owner and operator Jenyce Habibovic said.

But the pandemic forced some changes that are helping both businesses.

"We realized very fast that we would grow and be very busy, busier than we thought," Habibovic said.

The bakery took over the space and Pasquale's is sticking to their neighborhood pizzeria location, where owner Pasquale Presa is finding the most success.

"I realized that our heart, our soul, our brains are here at the neighborhood where we, as the mother ship, we created everything and we're starting to expand from here. So, this is what it brought out and this is where a lot of places start to realize what are they really good at," Presa said.

There is also something new for Pasquale's, with a big goal for the future.

"We learn from our journeys of expanding, and then you pivot to see what works best. Our target and our goal right now is to expand our frozen pizzas," Presa said.

That goal is to sell more frozen pizzas from the restaurant and to Hy-Vee stores across Minnesota, and soon, across the country. This started during the pandemic when restrictions were tight with indoor dining. 

This growth and opportunity for Pasquale's is spilling over for Sweet House Bakery.

"It's been awesome for me, it's been really good, it's been a blessing. I'm excited to see what life is like after COVID," Habibovic said.

Sweet House Bakery opens Friday, Jan. 22 at 6 am. The grand opening is set for Feb. 2.

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