Mayo Clinic singing surgeons bid farewell |

Mayo Clinic singing surgeons bid farewell

Miguel Octavio
Created: June 24, 2020 10:39 PM

(ABC News) - It took one video to change their lives.
"He was like, 'Hey, can you put a piano accompaniment together for this, and I did, and we did it, videotaped on like an iPhone 6," said Dr. William Robinson. "Power of the internet."

A video of Robinson and Dr. Elvis Francois's performance went viral in 2018. Since then, the two have made national appearances in programs like The Ellen DeGeneres show.

The singing surgeons are finishing up their residency at Mayo Clinic after five years. They held a mini-concert at Forager Brewery to bid farewell. 

"Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined reaching so many people," Francois said.

But the singing doctors said they don't just want to entertain people. 

"We're training to help people with medicine but it's incredible to see that music helps people in ways that medicine simply can't," Francois said. 

Despite the national recognition, nothing compares to a heartfelt note. 

"It's the Facebook messages, the Instagram messages that are not only just kind words, 'Hey, keep doing what you're doing,' but also, 'Hey, I've lost a loved one, hey I've got a diagnosis of cancer... and this touched me I needed to hear this,'" Robinson said.

Their messages giving hope during uncertain times.

"Knowing that we can do this and brighten people's day, there's honestly no other way to describe it," Francois said. "It's been an amazing, amazing journey."

And while they'll have a new home, the duo said the Med City will always be in their hearts. 

"Rochester will always have a special place," Robinson said. "It's a small town but it's got more heart than just about any place I've ever been to or lived... It has been a true honor to be here for five years." 

Francois will head to Boston while Robinson will move to Philadelphia. 

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