Mayo experts say walking has healthy benefits |

Mayo experts say walking has healthy benefits

Updated: September 15, 2020 10:31 PM
Created: September 15, 2020 07:20 PM

(ABC 6 News)-- We walk every day, whether it's to the kitchen or on a community trail, and experts at Mayo Clinic said the more you do it the more you'll see the benefits. 

"The benefits of walking are really profound," said Danielle Johnson, a Wellness Physical Therapist at Mayo.

Simply walking one foot in front of the other has proven to be just as beneficial as running or engaging in other rigorous exercises. According to Johnson how often you do it is important.

"We recommend getting out most days of the week five or more for at least thirty minutes a day, which does have a lot of benefits Cardiovascularly, it can help control weight, it can also help with diabetes," she said.

Previously, Johnson said health experts were encouraging people to walk throughout the day in 10-minute sessions. However, that recommendation has changed because she said every step counts. 

"It used to be that we would recommend at least ten minutes per session, but now they have done away with that recommendation and they're just saying move. Just get out, just move, so it all counts," said Johnson.

For Rochester resident Gerri Ferdinande, walking has become a part of her and her dog Chico's daily routine. 

"I probably walk six days a week," said Ferdinande while out on the trails at Cascade Lake. She said she typically takes Chico out two to three times a day, but she actually walks the trails once or twice a day. Other than the beautiful view of her community, Ferdinande said walking makes her feel good. 

"I feel so much better. I'm 81-years-old and at my age, I have to work to keep my blood pressure down and that's a big help," she said.

On the NW side of town, Tom Tupper gets out and gets moving in his neighborhood. Tupper said every day weather permits he walks about a mile and a half from his house. Most days he fits in over 6,000 steps.

"I usually do it in the morning early and then you do it after supper. Every once and awhile I'll do it during the morning with my wife," said Tupper.

Johnson said you don't have to have a medical reason to do it, and even though you already do it naturally it's beneficial to keep taking a few extra steps.

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