Making accommodations for restaurants

Devin Martin
Created: May 21, 2020 07:14 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Rochester Mayor Kim Norton said that assistance for restaurants will be coming from the city as soon as a formal announcement is made. 

Mayor Norton said that may mean looking at ways for businesses to use sidewalks, parking lots or even closing streets to create an outdoor dining space. 
"We've looked into what policy changes we might have to make,” Mayor Norton said. “We have a list of five things already that we will bring forward to the city council to lighten up the regulations and rules so that they can have more space. Many of them don't have space so to provide space to those that don't have it."
Even though Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill has an outdoor dining option in Rochester, the Governor's announcement was not what they were expecting. 
"My hope was that we were going to be able to open at 25% or 50% capacity. To say that I was disappointed was minimal,” Jim Nicholas, owner of Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill said. “I was very disappointed that they can dangle a crumb like that in front of us."
Wildwood has two locations. Owner Jim Nicholas's location in Bryon doesn't have a patio and business between the two restaurants has gone in waves.
"We're between a rock and a wall. It is nice to see that the city of Rochester is willing to step up and help us out a little bit,” he said. “That's the first I've heard anything positive come from them."
The frustration is also something Luke Johnson, the general manager of Pescara's in Rochester can relate to.
"Well I think to say that we were disappointed is an understatement,” Johnson said. “We're fully ready and expecting to allow people back into our dining room at some point obviously in a limited capacity."
Mayor Norton says this time will be important for restaurants. 
"It's going to be an interesting time, for businesses to be able to make money to be able to open again to be able to serve their customers as well as provide a safe environment for customers,” she said. 


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