Jill Biden visits Rochester to honor essential workers

Devin Martin
Created: October 15, 2020 10:26 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Local nurses, teachers, and construction workers were invited to hear the wife of Joe Biden Thursday afternoon, asking for their votes. 

Jill Biden toured the state, making several stops including one in Rochester. When she took the stage to talk to essential workers, she said they have the power to make a difference. 

"Right now, cynics are playing to our fears. They tell us we can't make a difference because they don't want us to try. They know that together our voices are more powerful than they ever could be,” Jill Biden said.

Her audience here in Essex Park in Rochester is a collection of invited essential workers. 

One of them said she feels heard by Dr. Jill Biden and seeing her, gives her hope.

"I think that they're just showing compassion just in the instructions to come here, they're showing the importance of public health which is the field that I work in. We have been working really hard to try and get Coronavirus under control and I just see them as the people to help get that set into motion,” Emily Thompson, local public health worker said.

Emily says the pandemic has been tough for her and her family but she says now, she feels recognized.
"It's really important to realize all of the people who have continued to work through all of this from some of the people working in the grocery stores, I have a lot of friends who work in health systems. It's very gratifying to see they recognize the importance of the essential workers right now in this moment,” Thompson said.

And for one retired nurse hearing Biden speak. She thinks the country has been missing compassion.

"I hope we can come together as a nation again and do things the way we are used to doing them. I think we need to be kind to each other a lot. I mean that's the kind of nurse I was and that's what helped me deal with a lot of patients,” Connie Thamert said.

And that hope for a better future is what Biden told these essential workers she says their vote matters and of course, she wants that vote to be for her husband.

"We have to believe that our communities are stronger than the challenges we face because they are. We have to believe that our votes matter because they do and we have to show up right now put our shoulders back and work like we never worked before,” Jill Biden said. 

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