Hundreds march for Reopen Minnesota protest in Albert Lea |

Hundreds march for Reopen Minnesota protest in Albert Lea

Devin Martin
Updated: January 04, 2021 08:19 AM
Created: January 03, 2021 10:41 PM

(ABC 6 News) - It's been more than a month since Governor Walz's pause on indoor dining took effect. But one business in Albert Lea says it's refusing to keep its doors shut. 

The Interchange is now facing a five-year liquor license revocation as a result. 

Sunday, hundreds of others joined in support, marching from city hall to the courthouse. 

"The message is not going to change. It's time that Minnesota is reopened. We have the lawful right to open our businesses and to do business and survive so that our employees can get a paycheck and everyone needs to join this movement. It is time that we the people take our state back,” Lisa Hanson, owner of the Interchange, said. 

Hanson is defying the Governor’s order on indoor dining. 

Her coffee shop is facing numerous punishments from the state; she says that’s unconstitutional. 

 "So whatever they're throwing at us is just not going to hold water because it is unlawful,” Hanson said.

Kyle Yudes, a volunteer with Constitutional Law Group, agrees. 

The grassroots campaign is nationwide, claiming to help businesses read the law. However, they're not actual lawyers in practice.

 "The constitution is for everybody, and it's about everybody,” Yudes said. “The message of unity to open up these businesses that have been terrorized by Mr. Ellison and Mr. Walz and the health department and liquor boards. It is domestic terrorism."

Andrew Cooperrider traveled to Albert Lea from Kentucky. Like Hanson, the state-issued punishments for his coffee shop after he defied indoor dining restrictions.

"For people to understand what's going on, it's not about believing COVID doesn’t exist. What it's about is we have these legislators and governors who are making choices and making decisions for us without pulling anyone from our industry into the room, without having a conversation with us,” Cooperrider said. 

But not everyone in Albert Lea agrees; some stand with Governor Walz but says more work needs to be done. 

"The way to win is to stick together, wear our masks and social distance. The government needs to help out and help these small businesses. I have five and six brothers and sisters who own small businesses. I know, and I know it's hurt them,” Mary Hinnenkamp, an Albert Lea resident, said. 

ABC 6 News called the city of Albert Lea for comment but have not heard back. 

Aside from the Interchange, the state announced this past week The Alibi is also facing license revocation. 

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