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Zombie Apocalypse Provides an Opportunity for Disaster Preparedness

Brett Bachtle
Updated: October 06, 2019 11:00 PM
Created: October 06, 2019 10:57 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- The event's goal is to provide an opportunity for local professionals to apply their emergency response skills and learn how to bounce back quickly from a large scale disaster.

The mass casualty simulation is a collaboration between Mayo Clinic, Zumbro Valley Medical Society, Olmsted County disaster preparedness experts, local businesses, and other organizations.

"We've created an illness that's infectious that causes symptoms like zombiesma. But we've created it in a way that we can intervene with immunizations and antibiotics. If we used a real disease we'd have to follow reality. We've made up this disease because zombies are fun, but also because we can change reality. We can decide if the immunizations going to work or the immunizations not going to work," said Robin Molella, medical consultant at Olmsted County Public Health.

Mayo Clinic first created the event as a way to train its medical students in triage, but it has since evolved into a community partnership event.

"We need to have social connections to be resilient. So by bringing people out, we all get to know each other in a different scenario," Molella said.

"While a zombie outbreak isn't a real thing, it's a great way to practice how everybody works together in the community during disaster scenarios," said Graham Briggs, director of Olmsted County Public Health.

Around 250 people from ages 11 to 68 took part in the simulation, including health care professionals, high school students, medical students, emergency responders, and military members.

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