Police say a US tourist died when a catamaran carrying more than 100 people sank in the Bahamas

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A U.S. tourist died in the Bahamas after a catamaran carrying more than 100 people sank while traveling to a private island, police said Wednesday.

Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings told The Associated Press that the unidentified 74-year-old woman was from Broomfield, Colorado and was on a five-day vacation with her family when the catamaran sank late Tuesday morning.

The rest of the passengers and crew members were rescued. Two other unidentified people were taken to a medical facility, police said, but their conditions were not immediately known.

It wasn’t immediately clear how the 74-year-old woman died.

Police said in a statement that the woman was found unresponsive as they helped pull the passengers and crew members from the water. They said she was given CPR and then taken to a dock where she was declared dead.

Life vests were available, and those aboard were wearing them, according to authorities.

Police said the double-deck catamaran began taking on water after departing Paradise Island with a group of tourists headed to Blue Lagoon Island, a popular destination located just northeast of the capital of Nassau.

A video posted on social media showed some passengers yelling as the catamaran began listing on its right side, prompting tourists to slowly start jumping into the water as they swam toward nearby boats.

Police said the Royal Bahamas Defense Force also helped with the rescue, as well as nearby pleasure craft.

Authorities said the investigation is ongoing.

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