2 people dead, 4 injured after police say gunfire erupts during confrontation at Denver party

DENVER (AP) — Two people were killed and four others injured after gunfire broke out during a confrontation at a late-night party in a residential area of Denver, police said Sunday.

Evidence from the scene pointed to multiple shots being fired from multiple firearms, Denver police said.

A 26-year-old man and a boy were killed. The boy did not appear to have been involved in the conflict, which began after a group of uninvited guests showed up at the party and the confrontation escalated into gunfire, Denver police spokesperson Sean Towle said.

Four male victims remained hospitalized, one of them in critical condition, Towle said. Three were adults and the age of the fourth had not been determined.

“We don’t believe it’s random at this time,” Towle said. “No arrests at this point, and we’re working to develop suspect information.”

The shooting was reported Sunday at 1:23 a.m. in northeast Denver’s Green Valley Ranch neighborhood. Four of the victims were taken to hospitals by ambulance and the other two went to a hospital on their own, Towle said.

The identities of the man and boy who were killed will be released at a later time by the Denver medical examiner.

Investigators continued to work at the shooting scene Sunday night, Towle said.

Some witnesses likely left the scene prior to the arrival of police officers, said Towle, who asked for anyone with information about the shooting to contact authorities.

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