Walz: Minnesota, 6 states launch coalition to accelerate development of clean hydrogen

(ABC 6 News) – Governor Tim Walz announced on Monday that Minnesota will work with a coalition of six Midwestern states to pursue billions in hydrogen investments, create jobs, reduce costs, and promote energy independence.

Walz is joining Governors in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio, to announce the launch of the Midwest Hydrogen Coalition (M-H2 Coalition).

According to Governor Walz, the coalition will accelerate the development of clean hydrogen, from production and supply chain to distribution in agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and other industries.

“The development of clean hydrogen markets will create jobs and strengthen industries across our state,” said Governor Walz. “I am proud to join a coalition that will work to expand the clean energy economy and reduce climate impacts on future generations across Minnesota and the U.S.”

Governor Walz says the benefits of developing clean hydrogen include:

  • Expanding the clean energy economy in Minnesota and creating good-paying jobs 
  • Reducing long-term costs for consumers and businesses
  • Reducing harmful carbon emissions
  • Promoting energy independence

The Minnesota Department of Commerce will work with the M-H2 Coalition to pursue billions in hydrogen investments, particularly through federal funding, to produce and use clean hydrogen.

The M-H2 Coalition will be able to leverage existing infrastructure and develop partnerships with commercial, university, research, and nonprofit organizations to fund and develop solutions for a market for clean hydrogen.

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