The Traditionalist Bourbon Distillery opens for business

(ABC 6 News)- The Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery expanded its brand with a new taste over the weekend.

From the makers of Four Daughters Wine and Loon Juice, The Traditionalist adds to the drink variety all in one place.

This bourbon is made from the surrounding, on-site corn fields and is distilled for over two years before being put out. The Traditionalist lounge features a look out into the vineyard while it offers its guests a curated menu of local, bourbon-fed beef. The brand’s bourbon mash is sold to local farmers who feed their cattle and gets bought back to be offered as a sustainable option. Guests may also have a drink of their choice from any of the barrels.

Justin Osborne is director of operations of Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery, Loon Juice, and the Traditionalist. He spoke about what kind of experience he hopes visitors have.

"When you’re looking out and you see all these people trying wine, cider, bourbon, and having great food. I, myself, love to go to places that have this great atmosphere and have character. And I think I’m most proud that we’ve been able to provide something like that- a place I feel like I would like." Osborne said.

Just past weekend, the distillery had a great turnout for the grand opening of its operations and lounge. Osborne saw the most traffic he’s ever seen before with guests coming from as far as the Twin Cities to La Crosse, Wis.

The line currently has two flavors, original and high rye, which are only available at The Traditionalist. The distillery will host another grand opening style event next weekend.