Stewartville Youth Basketball Association host skills challenge to raise money

(NEWS 6) – The Stewartville Summerfest continues this weekend and today the Stewartville Youth Basketball Association held fundraising event at Bear Claw Park Saturday evening. The association put on a basketball skills competition as one of the newest events at this years celebration. Kids could enter for five dollars and the proceeds go towards helping the program and keeping kids in the game.

"Our goal with S.Y.B.A, where I coach also is to keep the kids fees as low as possible. So, by doing a lot of fundraising during the year. It puts less pressure on families to be able to allow their kids to play basketball," said Stewartville Chamber of Commerce board member Nick Johnson.

It is a 150 dollar fee for the to play every year. Each kid receives a jersey and shorts that they get to keep as well as making tons of fun memories and friends.