Staying safe when dealing with snow

(ABC 6 News) – The aftermath of a snow storm can add another chore to the list. But before you start shoveling snow-be mindful of the risks that come with it.

MercyOne says that around this time of year is when they see more heart attacks due to shoveling snow.

Officials say the snow and ice makes shoveling a lot tougher.

“A lot of times it’s that heavier wet snow that makes it really more exhausting for people and there’s more ice involved. I think that puts more people at a higher risk of having heart issues,” MercyOne Heart Rhythm Specialist, Dr. Michael Spooner explained.

Spooner also advises if you can hire someone else to shovel the snow for you if you are not able.

if you have to tackle this shoveling snow on your own. Officials say to make sure you take short breaks every now and then-to reduce the chances of injury.