Senator Chuck Grassley hosts roundtable

(ABC 6 News) – Inflation and rising gas prices have many Iowans concerned right now, especially those who are business owners.

Thursday, U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley took time away from Washington for a roundtable in Mason City. People shared their thoughts and concerns on hot topics like inflation and gas prices.

"Because of a decline, not much for a decline, but some decline in commodity prices. Maybe we’re at the top of the inflation that’s going to moderate a little bit," said Republican Senator Chuck Grassley.

For Bob Buesing, owner of ‘Group Travel Guide,’ it was a chance to ask the senator how he plans to address the ongoing worker and pilot shortage. Both he and his wife work in the travel industry.

"It’s really been a nightmare for her to operate her business with airlines. I don’t think it’s going to get any better. We need to figure out how the airlines can overcome the shortage of pilots."

The senator touched on pilot training in his response: "I think the 1,500 hours for training is an impediment. It ought to be reduced. Maybe if you reduce it to 1,400 hours, it’d make a big difference to get people trained."

Following the 4th of July shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, the senator talked about the new bipartisan gun legislation. ABC 6 asked if he thought this shooting, in particular, could mean more changes on a federal level.

"Considering the fact that this bill was supposed to take care of the problems that happened at Uvalde, and it may have been different with someone shooting into a parade but not enough different. I think people see the legislation that was passed, about all they can get a bipartisan compromise to be passed now."

The senator said the bill has several good parts in it including focusing on making schools safe and focusing on mental health.