Salt & Light Partner’s to host inaugural Heart for Heroes Gala

(ABC 6 News) -Salt & Light Partners will hold its inaugural fundraiser gala at the Rochester International Event Center on March 3.

The Heart for Heroes Gala is to be held to serve and celebrate Rochester’s fire and law enforcement personnel and to raise dollars to support the partnership of Salt & Light with the Rochester Police Department, Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office, and Rochester Fire Department.

Salt & Light Partners is a non-profit organization that encourages care for the spirit and heart as part of workplace wellness programs.

Since 2021, Salt & Light has been providing emotional and spiritual support to public safety personnel in Rochester and throughout Olmsted County.

Safety officers might, at any moment, be called into the worst day of someone’s life. Before that happens and when that happens, they are there with officers, ready to extend care and compassion, both for a devastated community member and for burdened police and fire personnel, who must be well to do it all over again in another situation or day.

The Heart for Heroes Gala is expected to raise at least $75,000 to fund the existing and increasing demand for Salt & Light’s service to local safety personnel.  More than 400 people will attend and more than 60 local businesses have already donated sponsorship dollars or items for auction for the event.