RPT: Route 412 bus stop relocating starting Monday; new parking system goes into effect

(ABC 6 News) – Rochester Public Transit (RPT) announced effective Monday, Mar. 20 that the Route 412 bus stop will be relocating, and also that a new parking system will go into effect.

The bus stop will be moving to Gate P in the Downtown Transit Center due to the closure of 2nd Ave. SW.

The new stop is located on the eastbound lane of 2nd St. SW in front of the Harwick Building, and west of the intersection with 1st Ave. SW.

RPT said it’s expected that 2nd Ave. SW between 2nd St. SW and 4th St. SW will be closed for the entirety of the summer construction season.

RPT also announced beginning Monday, Mar. 20 that both parking enforcement and the residential parking permit program will transition to a new company called IPS.

All active permit holders need to register for a new account with IPS and submit an application for each permit before May 1. RPT said creating an account with IPS will allow existing permits to be transferred without a fee.

RPT said they are confident the parking software will create a more pleasant experience for all Rochester residents and visitors.