Rochester Police Department honors officers and citizens at their 2022 awards ceremony

(ABC 6 News) – Over 60 RPD officers were recognized for their heroics and bravery in the community in 2022.

Courage, commitment, and integrity are few of many words used to describe the recipients.

“I could not be prouder as the chief of the men and women who continue to put on this uniform and this badge and serve this community at the highest possible level,” RPD Chief Jim Franklin said.

These officers and their families gathered together to celebrate their accomplishments.

Applause followed after each recognition.

These awards honored officers and citizens who went above and beyond to serve this community.

Even if it puts their life in risk.

“It’s great to be recognized for the efforts that we do, ” Sergeant Shamus Ryan said.

Sergeant Shamus Ryan was one of three officers that received the Valor award for their efforts in a shooting that took place near Byron back in May of 2022, where a 70-year-old man was shot in front of his home.

“I was the first officer on scene to the house that night and entered the crime scene and begin life saving efforts with the victim.”

Unfortunately, John Colbert died from the gunshot wound, but with the efforts from the officers and help from nearby neighbors-they were able to quickly track down the suspect, 31-year-old William Shillingford.

A jury trial for Shillingford is set for June 19.

This was one of many stories that were shared, and the officers were happy to receive the support from their families.

“It’s the family that makes us work well and be able to focus on our job and I have a great support system at home just like many of us officers so it’s great,” Sergeant Ryan said.