Rochester Downtown Alliance wraps up their Zumbro River cleanup

(ABC 6 News) – We have an update on the Zumbro River cleanup conducted by the Rochester Downtown Alliance. Overall, there was less debris than the previous cleanup, but there was still plenty of large objects. They included a storm drain gate, a lime scooter, three large pieces of rebar, and a ton of golf balls among other things. Despite less overall debris, there was more plastic trash.

Karli McElroy, the Director of Operations for the Rochester Downtown Alliance explains more about the plastic that was found: "I would say this year, there was probably more plastic bags and plastic bottles and Styrofoam than what we saw last year."

The Rochester Downtown Alliance is hoping to reduce plastic and Styrofoam along and inside the Zumbro River. Now that this cleanup has taken place, the alliance is planning to shift focus to overall hospitality and cleanliness of the city at large.