Olmsted County commissioners honored for their service

(ABC 6 News) – Tuesday, a celebration was held to celebrate the retirement of four out of seven Olmsted county commissioners.

The four commissioners retiring include:

·      Jim Bier, Fifth District 

·      Ken Brown, Second District 

·      Matt Flynn, Fourth District 

·      Stephanie Podulke, First District 

The four of them have over 70 years combined worth of experience as commissioners and have all witnessed Rochester’s rapid growth in population and development. 

“My fondest memories are the initiatives that meant a lot to me that I worked on. I’m proud of our southeast regional crisis center,” Stephanie Podulke said. 

Podulke took over her late husband’s seat in 2011, and her daughter Laurel Podulke-Smith will be filling her seat. 

Brown and Bier have been representing their districts since 2002, and Flynn since 1997.

“I’m very gratified. I love all the people in this county. The staff here do such a remarkable, remarkable job,” Brown said.

All four of them are looking forward to whatever comes next. They will all officially retire at the end of the of next month.