Olmsted County Commissioner Housing Tour

(ABC 6 News) – The Olmsted County Housing Department took county commissioners on a tour of their facilities Tuesday to highlight the need for more aid and to highlight the work that is already being done at the facilities.

The first stop was the Rochester Community Warming House where staff say they’ve had to turn away 20 people in just the last several weeks, because they were full.

Commissioners were guided by warming center staff who talked about what they do to provide shelter for people facing homelessness. Housing director Dave Dunn says that the warming house was an important first stop because the people who come here are experiencing homelessness at its worst.

“So, the different stops that we have today kind of highlight that continuum. Everything from shelter to transitional housing to independent living,” said Dunn.

They also toured the ECHO Center, which is right next door. The ECHO Center help people get in contact with social workers and other housing facilities in the area.

Dunn hopes that showing these facilities to the commissioners will allow them to work better together on findings homes for the many in need in Olmsted County.