National 4-H week brings 6th Iowa 4-H Giving Day

(ABC 6 News) – Sunday marks the beginning of National 4-H week. Giving 4-H kids across the country more opportunities.

The theme for 2022 is “Opportunity4All.” This isn’t just national, on Tuesday, October 4 is Iowa 4-H Giving Day. A 24-hour fundraiser to benefit the state’s different 4-H programs.

Cerro Gordo County wants to raise money so more members can do new programs and workshops. The county’s seen a 12% increase in enrollment from last year. Hancock and Winnebago counties are also participating.

“We’re investing back into the young people of our communities and our future leaders so we think that’s a pretty good way to spend an extra few dollars,” said Emily Saveraid, executive director of the Iowa 4-H Foundation.

“We see alumni come together not just here in the state of Iowa, but across the country.”

Maya Rowe of Sheffield, Iowa was a 4-H kid herself, doing a lot of baking and visual arts projects. Now, she’s using her experience to help other 4-H kids in Cerro Gordo County succeed.

“You learn so much from it,” said Rowe.

“It’s not just going to the fair. I mean, you learn how to use different STEM skills, you learn how to communicate better, how government works. You learn all these different skills you can take with you and carry on.”

This is the sixth year for the fundraiser. For more information and to donate, you can click here.