Mural at Pop’s Art Theater removed without notice

(ABC 6 News) – A mural paid for by federal tax dollars was recently taken off a Rochester theater. However, it was supposed to be permanent.

The Walls of Color mural project was painted in 2020 by volunteers and members of the group RNeighbors with Cares Act funding to help give local artists work.

During the pandemic, it was a win-win situation local artists got some much needed employment, and in return, neighborhoods and privately owned businesses were able to be on the receiving end of outstanding public art murals.

The owners of Pop’s Art Theater, formerly the Grey Duck Theater, say the work done by co-owner Maggie Panetta, was removed from the back of the business by the building’s owner without notice.

It had to be taken down due to a maintenance issue with the vinyl on which it was painted.

The theater’s owners say repainting it is unfeasible and that there was a lot of miscommunication.

“Our lease says we’re supposed to be given notice when any work is being done on our building. That did not happen this time around, and so, we’re disappointed in that,” Panetta said.

RNeighbors says public art is important to give people a sense of pride.