UPDATE: Mayo Clinic’s Hattie and Orton add third egg

(ABC 6 News) UPDATE: -Friday, officials with the Mayo Clinic Peregrine Falcon Program announced a third egg had arrived.

Officials say ‘things are progressing nicely and right on schedule.’

(ABC 6 News) – The Mayo Clinic Falcon program announced their two falcons – Hattie and Orton have laid their second egg.

Credit: Mayo Clinic Peregrine Falcon program

Egg number 2 arrived Tuesday evening in the nest box and the falcon program says Hattie and Orton have been doing a fine job with their care over the eggs.

The first egg arrived on March 19 to kick off the 2023 falcon nesting season. The typical clutch size is three to four eggs, but the total number could range from one to five. 

The program says occasionally, a female will lay more than five eggs, but we have never experienced a brood (group of chicks) of chicks larger than five in the Upper Midwest. If Hattie lays more than this first egg, there is typically 48-60 hours between each egg, but the interval may also be greater than 72 hours in rare cases.

From approximately mid-February to early August, the program hosts a 24/7 live camera for anyone to watch the the peregrine falcons live and raise their young.

To watch the livestream, visit HERE.