LIFE Mower County Celebrates 70 years of service

Sunday was a day of celebration for LIFE Mower County as it celebrated 70 years of service. 

For the past seven decades, the organization has been helping people that suffer from intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Over the years, LIFE Mower County has gone through eight name changes, but its goal has stayed the same: To provide opportunities to empower and enrich the lives of its clients. The organization currently serves close to 100 people.

One way to accomplish its goal is by working with communities of Mower County to host numerous events that get clients included and involved in the community.

“They like to be included and thought of as a human being and they are and so we just need to we need to be inclusive with these individuals and let them know that we care about them,” Treasurer of LIFE Mower County John Gray said.

LIFE Mower County is always looking for volunteers and help at the center or as coaches for Special Olympics.

The organization thanks the community for the support it has received over the past 70 years and hopes to continue services and to support clients by making them a part of the community and making their lives better and fuller.