Inflation rates down but prices are still up

(ABC 6 News) – Much like other grocery stores, Sunrise Foods has had to mark up its prices despite a recent downward trend in inflation.

“Everyone is really shopping around to find the best deal. It’s not so much of you just going to the grocery store and buying everything you need anymore. It’s you buy certain things at certain places where you can get the best deal on it,” said Sunrise Foods Store Manager Amanda Dorschner.

According to the Consumer Price Index inflation is at its lowest since October of 2021, and yet prices of popular grocery items like eggs are up 59 percent. The median price nationwide $4.25. And shoppers are noticing.

“Eggs have really gone off the chart actually, I think. But the bird flu probably had something to do with it,” said Dodge Center resident Rick Laue.

The outbreak of the Avian flu has affected 57 million birds across 47 states, that’s higher than the last major outbreak in 2015.

“When you have that much it makes it hard to keep up with production,” said Dorschner. When prices go up it makes it hard for small-town grocery stores. “Obviously, we can’t compete with some of the bigger box stores as far as price goes, but that’s where we focus on customer service and providing the best experience for the customer we can.”

That’s why some customers in Dodge Center say they want to shop local, but they’re still frustrated with the price right now.

“I mean when everything goes up it takes so much longer for it go down,” said Laue.

Some good news though. Dorschner says that prices on eggs in her store have gone down the last couple of weeks and she hopes that trend continues.