Helicopter rescues child, 2 adults stranded on bluff in Red Wing

(KSTP) – Fire officials say three people, including a child, had to be airlifted from a bluff in Red Wing on Sunday after snow, ice and mud trapped them on top of the slope.

The Red Wing Fire Department responded to the call at He Mni Can-Barn Bluff Regional Park around 1:48 p.m. and got to the scene within three minutes, but it took 40 minutes for firefighters to climb up and reach the stranded hikers. The fire department said conditions on the bluff “were extremely poor.”

A helicopter with the Minnesota Air Rescue Team scooped the hikers from He Mni Can and dropped them off at Colvill Park nearby.

Officials say no one was hurt.

In a news release, the fire department reminded the community to be careful when hiking in the area.

“Conditions may change or be unsuitable at certain times of the year,” the release stated.