Gov. Walz authorizes emergency relief to combat rising gas prices

(ABC 6 News) – Friday, Governor Walz authorized temporary relief for motor carriers and drivers transporting gasoline, diesel, and other fuels in Minnesota.

This will allow for the continued movement of these fuels and subsequently, make fuel more accessible and affordable to Minnesotans across the state.

“This measure will help ensure our gas is efficiently transported and delivered across the state, so Minnesotans don’t continue to see increased prices at the pump,” said Governor Walz. “The uncertain global market and record high national inflation rates are impacting Minnesotans every day, and we will continue to take action. I am grateful to the carriers who are working tirelessly to transport fuel to the communities that need it most.”

Data from the Minnesota Department of Commerce shows that inventories of certain fuels in Minnesota are at lower levels than last year and the three-year average. Additionally, Minnesota has been impacted by the ongoing closure of a refinery in Superior, Wisconsin, and will face additional challenges and supply constraints as a refinery in St. Paul Park closes for scheduled maintenance. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the petroleum industry. Refinery capacity in the United States has fallen by almost one million barrels per day as refineries either closed due to demand issues or converted operations to make alternative products.

This Executive Order relieves motor carriers and drivers of certain hours of service regulations that would prevent or hinder the efficient transportation of these essential supplies.

The Executive Order is effective immediately and expires on August 14.