Court finds probable cause against defendant in Apple River stabbing case

(KSTP) – A preliminary hearing was held in St. Croix County Court on Friday for 52-year-old Nicolae Miu.

Court officials have determined there is probable cause Miu, who is accused of stabbing multiple people on the Apple River on July 30, committed a felony, meaning the case can head to trial if needed.

The five people Miu is accused of stabbing are:

  • a 17-year-old Stillwater boy
  • two men ages 20 and 22 from Luck, Wisconsin
  • a 22-year-old Man from Elk River
  • a 24-year-old Burnsville woman

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The 17-year-old, identified by family members as Isaac Schuman from Stillwater, died from his injuries.

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During Friday’s hearing, St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Brandie Hart was examined by District Attorney Karl Anderson, and was cross examined by the defense team, according to court documents.

After arguments, records say the court found probable cause that Miu committed a felony, and has been bound over for trial.

According to the criminal complaint, authorities spoke with a woman who said she and her husband, identified as Miu, arrived at Rivers Edge Campground, planning to join a group in floating down the river.

The woman said Miu left the group to try to find a lost phone belonging to one of the members of their group.

While he was reportedly searching for that phone, a confrontation involving Miu and a different group of people tubing on the river ensued.

“Witnesses described Nicolae as punching or slapping a female that was in the group confronting him, Nicolae was then punched by a male and fell into the river,” the complaint states. It’s alleged Miu then began “stabbing multiple individuals who were near him.”

Court documents also indicate investigators obtained video captured at the scene with one investigator involved with the case stating that “the video and elapsed time shows opportunity for Miu to leave the confrontation.”

Part of the complaint states Miu told an investigator he had a snorkel and was looking for a cell phone lost in the river, and his response in the confrontation “was self-defense” and that he couldn’t recall all of what happened. He also stated he was “so fearful for his safety.”

“Nic said he didn’t know what happened other than “they attacked me” and “I was in self-defense mode”,” court documents state.

An arraignment hearing is currently scheduled for Thursday, September 8.