Charles City Community Schools reveals initial results of public survey

(ABC 6 News) – Charles City Community Schools has a number of building issues that need to be addressed. For two weeks, there was a survey open for people to share their input.

More than 600 people responded with a majority of respondents over the age of 65. The consensus, nearly half of the people who took part say existing buildings need to be focused on.

There were four options for people to pick from:

Option A:

  • The district will renovate the high school and address the most critical needs.
  • It will cost between $13.4 and $17.3 million.
  • Taxpayers could see a pretty small increase.
    • For example, $4.11 per month for homes with a value of $100,00.

Option B:

  • Option B was the most popular option.
  • It includes renovating existing space.
  • Creating a new music wing, a new commons area, and a new leadership space.
  • Secure entrance and space for a future auditorium.

Option C:

  • This was the least popular option.
  • It includes replacing spaces that don’t fit the needs of students or staff.
  • Could cost between $33.9 and $37.9 million.

Option D:

  • Does not address building needs at this time.
  • The project will cost an additional $4.5 million if the district waits three years.
    • It will cost an additional $7.6 million if the district waits five years.

“Our schools are a critical need. But we also have other needs in the county that of are people importance,” said Superintendent Dr. Anne Lundquist with Charles City Community Schools.

“Raising taxes in times like these can be difficult for some. That’s why it’s important to get the facts out on the table to hear what our stakeholders’ desires might be and then we can act accordingly.”

The district and board will now use the data to prioritize what needs to be done.

You can read the complete report below: