SUV Flips upside down in SE Rochester

(ABC 6 News) A Sunday afternoon crash ended with an SUV upside down in a Rochester neighborhood.

It happened around 4:30 P.M. at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and 10th Street Southeast.

Joel Whittaker said he was visiting family when the accident happened.

“It was that nasty sound when two vehicles hit each other,” Whittaker said. “I looked back. It looked very bad.” 

By the time Whittaker made it outside others were already on scene calling 911. Rochester first responders, including police and firefighters, arrived within minutes.

“One of the patients was still inside and needing Rochester Fire to extricate,” Sgt. Bert Otto with the Rochester Police Department said.

Police closed a section of 3rd Avenue so paramedics could provide medical care and police could investigate what happened.

“There were two people in the Bronco. One was checked out in the ambulance,” Otto said.

According to police on the scene, nobody involved had life-threatening injuries, nor did it appear that anyone went to the hospital.

Witnesses were able to provide an account of how the crash happened.

“It appears the Bronco made a left hand turn in front of oncoming traffic and was struck and tipped over,” Otto said.

The driver of the Bronco will likely face a citation. The investigation is ongoing to determine if any other factors contributed to the crash.