Billboard Campaign Launches to Find New Leads in Jodi Huisentruit Case

(ABC 6 News)–23 years after a Mason City news anchor was abducted from her apartment complex, a group of people continues to search for answers.

To mark what would have been Jodi Huisentruit’s 50th birthday, the “Find Jodi” team are starting a new campaign … one no driver can easily miss.

Four billboards have gone up around the city. They read “Some knows something … is it YOU?

The community has been shrouded in mystery since Jodi’s disappearance on June 27, 1995. After missing her early morning shift at KIMT TV, police were called in to investigate. Instead, they found what was left of her.

“A lot of personal effects were strewn in a parking lot around her car,” said Beth Bednar, a Find Jodi member. “Drag marks were shown where she was apparently dragged away from the scene.”

Jodi was declared legally dead in 2001. Online court records show a search warrant was issued last year in connection with the case.  

However, Jodi’s remains have never been found and no suspects were ever named.

“I guess we have to call it a cold case but we do – I consistently get phone calls to this date, sometimes out of the blue from people that want to share information with me,” said Beth.

The Find Jodi team is not giving up hope. It’s not just billboards bringing renewed attention to the case. Members are handing out missing person flyers and putting them on cars around the community.

As the years go on, they want to make sure Jodi’s story stays in people’s minds.

“I just hope we don’t lose all of our witnesses,” said Gary Peterson, another member. 

“Someone knows something, however small it may be, however much they might feel it might cast a bad light on them … nothing is unimportant,” said Beth. “Nobody should have to see their friends face up on a billboard.”

In a statement, Jodi’s family gave a big “Thank You” to members of the Find Jodi team for their dedication to keeping the case alive.

It also read: 

Today would have been Jodi’s 50th birthday. What should be a day of celebration is now a day of reflection for us as we think about what we have lost and the moments we have missed out on sharing with her. 

Not a day goes by where we do not think of Jodi and wish she was still here with us. We need answers, and Jodi deserves justice. We hope that these billboards will help in finding both.   

A Find Jodi TipLine has been set up:

PHONE: 970-458-5634


Anonymous Tips can be sent to