Austin employees impacted by string of robberies speak out

(ABC 6 News) – The man charged in connection with an Austin gas station robbery last week is being charged in multiple other robberies. Now, employees at the impacted businesses are speaking out.

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There’s relief that the suspect is now in custody. ABC 6 spoke with some of the victims working at the businesses that were robbed.

A cashier at Reed’s 4th Avenue who didn’t want to go on camera, said "I’m still scared when I see someone walk in with their hands in their pockets."

The worker said it was a normal morning shift when a suspect who police say is Adrick Mims, came in and held her at knifepoint. He demanded the money from the register. The employee says about $300 was in there at the time.

"It was super scary, it was. It was, I’ve never felt that before but now that he’s in, I feel like I can breathe."

They said they left work early that day, went home, and cried.

Down the road a few days later at Cheers Liquor, it was a similar incident. The employee who was robbed said the suspect came in, walked around the store, grabbed a beer, and then threatened him with a knife at the register. His co-worker said it was eye-opening.

"You realize that kind of thing can happen anywhere. We’re fortunate enough no one got hurt. That’s the biggest thing. It just keeps you on your toes for when this kind of thing can happen any day."

Overall, he said the store is pretty secure but they are working on adding new security cameras.

According to police, in all five cases, Mims allegedly used a knife to threaten a cashier into giving him money. He is also connected to two robberies in Rochester.