300 Southeast MN snowplow operators meet for winter preparations

(ABC 6 News) – The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) announced that over 300 snowplow operators in the southeast part of the state will meet in Rochester for winter preparations.

The meetings, some remotely, will happen over the next two weeks.

During the meetings, snowplow operators from MnDOT District 6 will hear from the National Weather Service about weather forecasting and challenges; snow and ice equipment material usage; proper radio etiquette with State Patrol dispatch; and safety messages will be reviewed.

“We hold these meetings to serve as the kickoff as we fine-tune things and prepare for their duties of keeping our state’s roads clear and safe through winter,” said Drew Fischbach, District 6 maintenance superintendent for the district’s east side. “We know winter is on the way. It’s just a question of when it arrives.”

MnDOT District 6 is an 11-county region in southeast Minnesota.

Courtesy: MnDOT

Also during October, new snowplow operators will be traveling to Camp Ripley for MnDOT’s Snowplow Operating Training sessions. There, the operators get a chance to learn more about the snowplows, while working on their driving and operation of the machines as they prepare for winter.

MnDOT District 6’s southeast Minnesota snowplow operations include:

  • 102 snowplows
  • 39 miles, average snowplow route
  • 24 average snow events per season
  • 34,415 tons, average rock salt usage
  • 757,726 gallons, average liquid salt brine usage

To learn more, visit the MnDOT website HERE.