Survey USA Poll: Minimum Age to Possess a Long Gun or Rifle

March 08, 2018 09:01 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- In the midst of the state's gun debate, the minimum age is often mentioned. ABC 6 gave viewers a chance to chime in by conducting a Survey USA Poll.

Madeline Kinney, from Kasson-Mantorville, says the age should be raised, “I definitely support the age limit to own a rifle or assault gun to be raised to 21 or higher."


Kinney isn't the only person to think that.

Our poll asked how old a person should be to possess a long gun or rifle.

Of the 500 locals surveyed, 60 percent said the minimum age should be raised to 21.

And 36 percent thought the current age limit of 18 was fine.

Anne Gerrietts, from the Twin Cities, says she thinks other issues need to be looked at too.

"I grew up in more of a rural area so I’m used to people having guns. And so I guess my take is more that we need more education and stricter rules about who has it in terms of making sure they're trained to use it properly and should they actually own it,” said Gerrietts.

In our poll, we also asked how old a person should be to possess a handgun.

68 percent said it should be 21, while 29 percent said it should be 18.

If broken down by party affiliation, 76 percent of dDemocratssaid 21, while just 63 percent of the Republicans agreed.

"I believe these kids should be 21 years old because the brain doesn't mature until a later age. Especially as a human being,” said Kinney.

However, another lady we spoke to said if a person is old enough to be in the military, then they should be old enough to own a gun.  

Either way, people on both sides agree something needs to be done now to prevent future tragedies.

Miranda Christenson, from Rochester, says she believes upping the age will do that, "The wrong people are getting their hands on these guns, and doing the wrong things with them. So, unfortunately, they're kinda ruining it for everyone else."

"It will definitely help keep guns out of high schools and in the hands of younger children. I definitely think it will make schools a safer place,” said Kinney.

On Wednesday, Gov. Mark Dayton proposed $21 million in new funding for security enhancements and mental health improvements in Minnesota schools.


Roxanne Elias

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