Sumner Kids Roll Up Their Sleeves

October 25, 2018 06:49 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- If you’ve been putting off rolling up your sleeves, this might be a good time.

Thursday, some kids in Austin were doing just that.


"Yeah, it was worth it," Nissi Otoo said.

It's a lesson that takes on added importance at this time of year ... an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

"We are giving flu shots for children. this is one of many days we're going out to schools to deliver flu vaccine directly to the kids" said Kathryn Hutchins, a registered nurse, and primary care nurse manager for Mayo Clinic Health Systems in Austin.

And with some confirmed flu cases around the country, you should be thinking of getting *your* immunization.

"You could get very sick and sometimes you may end up n the hospital" Sumner elementary school fourth grader Kiana Anderson said.

"Last year was a very bad year,” Kathryn Hutchins said. “In the US we had over 700-thousand cases of influenza and we had almost a hundred thousand hospitalizations which are a lot. That's a bad season."

"I had the flu once,” Sumner fourth grader Nissi Otoo said. “I didn't go to school, it made me really tired and I didn't want to get out of bed."

"Anyone starting at age 6 months can get a flu shot. there is some mist this year which is newer” Mayo’s Kathryn Hutchins said. “We had missed a couple of years ago and then it was gone and now it's back."

And that's just part of the ounce of prevention.

"Hand washing is of the utmost importance” Sumner school nurse Tanya Fjelsta said. “I always tell the children here I don't like them to touch their mouth, their nose or their eyes because that gets the germs right into their bodies."

"It's important so it doesn't go to other people and other people can catch your germs and they can get really sick" fourth-grader Kiana Anderson added.

And in answer to the question everyone asks … “does it hurt”:

"No, it was just a tiny little pinch,” Kiana Anderson said. “I didn't feel it at all.”


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