Snow doesn’t stop Spring celebration

(ABC 6 News) – Despite the weather, Friday night and Saturday morning spring is in the air, and with Easter just a week away that didn’t stop the people at the Presbyterian Church of Oronoco from celebrating spring.

“We planned to be outside because we have a great lawn to hide a million eggs,” said Minister Lisa Johnson.

Unfortunately, with the snow, the easter egg hunt was canceled but there were still plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.

“But we also have some space inside. So, at least kids could come, we had lunch we had crafts the kids could do, and we had the bake sale. Those things can all be inside,” said Minister Johnson.

The activities not impacted by the snow like the walking taco bar and the bake sale. All the money raised from those activities helps the church give back to community organizations.

“One of the taglines for our church is we are a small church with a big mission. And that’s kind of how we try to live as a church. Our mission as a church is to be here for people who need us,” said Minister Johnson.

Cindy Tiedeman says it’s events like these that are great for the community.

“It’s great for the community because it just brings people together. And the fellowship and the fun of just looking for eggs. We wish we had a better day but everyone’s inside and making the best of what we have here,” said Tiedeman.

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