Six New Sober Living Homes Opening in Rochester

August 16, 2019 10:42 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- Addiction is something that grips every community, keeping its victims captive in their bodies.

With drug use like methamphetamine on the rise in cities like Rochester, it's easy to see the impacts of substance abuse. 


However, on Friday, ABC 6 News focused on the solutions, getting the first inside look at a brand new sober living home.

The house, located in an upscale neighborhood in Northwest Rochester, will soon house eight women.

“My journey was a long one and I am so grateful to be back in recovery again,” said Frannie Boudoir, one of the women living in the home. “I was using crack cocaine and alcohol with just a little weed sometimes. I lived a double life, my family didn't know.”

In 2002, Boudoir sought treatment and remained sober for eight years.

“Then I went through some emotional pain that caused me to relapse and my relapse lasted nine years,” she said. “Living with an addiction is like living in prison. Life had stopped for me.”

So three months ago, she reached out to “Recovery is Happening".

“They say in the program that ‘We don't shoot our wounded, we just welcome them and try to patch them up’,” said Boudoir.

“Too often, we continue to place people with addictions in compromised environments; low-income neighborhoods where drugs are readily available,” said Tiffany Hunsley, Founder of Recovery is Happening. “And we wonder why they keep relapsing."

Hunsley, a recovering addict herself, founded the nonprofit in 2011. She says a grant from the United Way of Olmsted County allowed Recovery is Happening to open a sixth sober living home. Five more are set to open within the next two years.

“Currently, we are housing 43 [people] but by the time the grant is done, we will be housing about 85 people,” said Hunsley.

“We have chores, we have accountabilities, we have to go to meetings; all of those things that keep us sober,” said Boudoir.

“The program does come with expectations and rules that have to be followed,” said Hunsley.

In return, members live in nice areas of the city for less than $500 a month.

“We have a comradery,” said Boudoir, “It's like a sisterhood.”

The program aims to turn recovering addicts into positive forces in the community.

“It feels wonderful, it feels good, it feels right again,” said Boudoir. “It's never too late to turn your life around.”

“I believe this is God's work,” said Hunsley.

Recovery is happening is reaching out to the community to make the new sober living houses feel like “home”. A fundraiser is being held at their location (25 16 St NE) on Sunday, August 18, from 4 p.m.-7p.m. There will be games and food. Admission is $7.


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